home sweet home

One Year Later...

I am not someone who easily establishes roots. I make decisions in haste, I think quickly without fully weighing my options, and I often both enter and leave a situation in a whirlwind. I know this about myself, and understand how frustrating it may be to others who care and love me. When talking with a friend and her mom one weekend, I spoke about all my transfers throughout college and all the half-hearted applications I put through but never fully completed. My city existence has been replaced now with country roads lined with corn stalks and Mayberry-esque towns where not only does everyone know my name, but they know my dog as well. 

I'm sure someone has taken bets on how long my central NY living would be, but y'all, last month was one full year, and I'm still here. I did move (shocker) but from a townhouse to a big beautiful house all to myself. I know that moving 4 hours away is not a dramatic thing to do, but I did leave behind all that I knew. I had to say goodbye to my family and friends, and the ability to see them whenever I wanted. It's still hard to say goodbye and every now and then, my heart aches when I see photos or know of plans I can not partake in. My best friend is getting married in April, and it killed me to not be able to go home and try on bridesmaid dresses with her. However, my life in CNY has been 100% curated by me. Past decisions and poor choices were no longer part of my everyday, and I've had the ability to rework my journey. Sure, I've hit hiccups along the way, some little and some big, but each day I'm tackling things head on.

So here I am, one year later, and roots have started to develop in the little town I now call home. I feel safe, and I'm so thankful that I trusted my journey to get to this point.